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Who we are

Boule de neige was born in the late twentieth century. Francesco Piro, Cristina Crotti and Patrizia Piro combine their managerial experiences in a game of creative aesthetic representations giving life to a "libertine" woman, nonconformist, daughter of every past, present and future time.
The first Boule de neige collections draw inspiration from Renaissance art for colors and Victorian tailoring tradition for cuts. Everything merges into a single thought that translates them into a language as modern as it is dynamic.
Never rushed. Boule de neige is aimed at a large segment of female audiences looking for a silhouette that embodies femininity and daily elegance. An audience fond of sober aesthetic standards and with a deep sense of color. As if wanting to express her dissent to everything that prevails the individual and her aesthetic nature, the Boule de neige woman simply shows what she is and not what she has. Color, subtle forms and noble materials become the cardinal points around which the Boule de neige project takes shape. Some paintings become real inspiring icons: Matisse's "dance" as much for the lightness of the figures as for the harmony of the movement represents an elegant circle; a circle that is actually not closed, like the nature of the Boule de neige woman who leaves room, day after day, for her intellectual and aesthetic curiosity. In Matisse's work this sensitivity is recurrent, it is felt within the home but also in the dream, as if to say that femininity is not a value to be exhibited but a natural inclination. To create this "design" skilled hands are involved capable of cutting and sewing with the skill of the craftsmen of the past.
Ten years of planning, and finally a limited production. Each piece made in these years has been kept in an archive with the aim of composing a single story, replicable over time ...