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"... build a moment of slowness in a world that runs ..."  few words, full of meanings, which contain the thought that gave rise to the birth of the Boule de neige. 

"... build a moment of slowness ..." a definition that sounds out of our time, controversial, evokes forgotten values .... referable to arts and crafts, without distinction .... build it carefully, in an artisanal dimension ... something durable, qualitatively and aesthetically ... something to be handed down, like any important value. 

"... In a world that runs ..." against the blinding frenzy ... for the eyes and for the soul ... against the speed with which everything is burned and consumed, without ever wondering, why? ... why accelerate the pulse of life, of existence? Take your time and live it all.

Ignore those who tell you that time is a luxury, life is a gift not a luxury and time is nothing but its sound, its beat. 

We want to go back to life, even if dreaming is important, we don't just want to live with dreams .. let's take possession of our life, of our world that runs too much obscuring our horizon… it runs, runs, aimlessly.

For everyone? For some? Not for us anymore. 

Boule de neige