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Yohji Yamamoto

There are few designers alive who can claim to be as iconoclastic and influential as Yohji Yamamoto.
When his tsunami of noir first cascaded along the Paris catwalks in the early 1980s, it was as shocking as punk.
Here was a radical, an intellectual in fashion with what many considered a menacing and uncompromising perspective. But that perspective would change the way we dress forever.
At the time, wearing head-to-toe black was a serious statement rather than a default, as it is today. Yamamoto was its champion. Over the years, with each collection, he has reinforced and redefined his signature style of asymmetry, monochrome and volume – from sepulchral robe-like overcoats with an avant‑garde frisson to The Perfect Black Jacket and The Perfect White Shirt.
This style is still uncompromising, but always elegant.