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In the past, Romanticism, as a movement, was born in reaction to the rational, in opposition to social norms, legitimizing the individual imagination as a critical authority. Today Romanticism appears to us more powerful than any protest: a way to face reality with another look and another touch, finding another meaning in everyday life.

The new Marni collection designed by Francesco Risso is a search for romanticism expressed in color and shape, both intensely tactile, at the same time dark and luminous. Black is the color of stormy romance, after all. Yet it is an optical illusion, the sum of all existing colors and this is what marni has progressively revealed, through fades, sunburns, prints and treatments that bring out bright colors like expanding halos, in the form of objects - keys, scissors. - lean on your clothes as the sun's rays hit them, turning them into memories. Roses and sunflowers also left their mark. Nature: it all comes back to Mother Earth. Nature as purity of the senses, uncorrupted.